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"The English Troubador with modern-vintage appeal. Sounds Like Bruce Hornsby meets The Beach Boys."


As a youngster Mustang, named Bradley Osborne, grew up in the sleepy village of Langley, Kent England, a stones throw from Leeds Castle, once home to King Henry VIII. It was here that he developed his passion for music, when his sister, one of eight siblings, watched a TV show about 60’s music. He heard ’The Beatles and The Beach Boys and felt an instant connection.


Continuing this passion, learning about the World of popular music, Brad played in School bands and even attended The ACM - known as 'The World's Leading Music School for Rock and Pop Musicians'. He formed the art-pop band ‘WinterKids’, toured the UK, Europe, Japan, the US, and was championed as one of the ’10 most promising British acts’ by The New York Daily News.

WinterKids drew to a close when they found themselves suffering exhaustion and creative differences, which led Brad to pursue a more spiritual side to life. He embarked on finding his true-self.

He embarked on finding his true-self, however was caught out by a cult group who proceeded to pray upon his innocent yet vulnerable situation. This unfortunately led to some difficult times, suffering with some anxiety and depression.

‘It took me a long time to realise that I was indeed in need of counselling, of which I’m ever grateful for the help I received.’ - Brad


Enter the free spirited transatlantic loving Mustang, ... After sometime developing, writing, gigging, and simply experience all the precious moments life can offer, Brad aka Mustang now makes music that heals, uplifts, inspires and motivates his listeners.

Brad's sound is pure and honest, genre adult contemporary, a little like Bruce Hornsby meets The Beach Boys, and certainly fits the current landscape for mainstream radio, TV, film, and festival.

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