Touch and Go: Meet for 30 minutes a week to provide grounding and guidance. All the below will include human Behavioural  Coaching,  The Conscious Recovery and "The Buxy Method".
Weekly Dives: 
Once a week meet for 1 hour to address specific objectives:
               Example-Prioritising day to day actions, as well as creating an inspiring structure congruent to your values and vision.
Taking you through the "Buxy Method" on Self-So you can love YOU even relative to what may have occurred with your relationships. Building structure. 

Bi-Weekly Deep Dives:
Every two weeks, meet for 1 hour each. Two hours total for the month.
Utilising the "Buxy Method" to collapse the judgements, noise and perceptions that hold us back.
Quantum Jump:
2 hours × twice a week "Buxy Method" to collapse the deep rooted judgements that dictate our perceptions, decisions and actions. This is where we will dive into personal development and/or the addiction and subdiction.A daily package for clients who need intense work.  It's basically all the above for 1 hour a day over 5 days per week for a minimum of 4 months.
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